Augury Is Much More Than Just A Prediction Platform

It Is A Complete Prediction Ecosystem

Predict Fast, Predict Cheap

Augury is powered by Cardano Chain, so that you can process your predictions instantly at little to no cost.

Predict, Earn Incentives, Earn Rewards, Repeat

You can now monetize your predictions and earn up to 50% of the processing fees, and additional rewards for making accurate forecasts

Be the Creator

Earn “governance value” by staking Augury token and create your own predictions.

Replicate Expert Predictions


Augury lets you replicate predictions of forecasting experts based on their blockchain scores that they earned from their previous successful predictions. With rising accuracy in your forecasts, you can quickly climb up the reputation leaderboard.

Play It Safe


“Play it safe” with your predictions. Augury’s in-built insurance mechanism will cover any losses that you incur for your forecasts. Also, you can leverage buckets to restrict your prediction losses to upto 50%.

Road Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain scalability and high transaction costs pose barriers for both experienced and entry-level users. With ADA Chain, we have found a solution to eliminate scalability roadblocks and sky-high transaction costs.
Ethereum is definitely on our list of to-be supported blockchains, due to its widespread adoption. Along with Ethereum we have plans to integrate support for Polkadot and Solana as well.
No, we have the most known faces in industry, we will introduce them soon.
Yes, private round is open. contact us on telegram or to our mail id for more information about the token sale details